Finding Samples

Hi everybody,

I am just trying to get into using the MIDI functions in Ardour3 (Linux). My main concern is finding a good range of quality samples for different musical genres. They would not need to be free or cheap.

I understand that I can (or have to) compile Ardour myself in order to make it run VST plugins, and then I also need to hope that the plugin’s interface runs under WINE. Is this correct?

If yes, I would be interested in finding native LV2 plugins instead. Are there any good LV2-soundbanks for a.) classical orchestra, b.) drums/percussion c.) various synthesizer sounds? Or should I go for VST? If yes, did anyone get a good orchestra to run on Ardour?


Lots of good quality free SFZ sound libraries here:

A great article on using them with Ardour here:

Another newer option… ‘Carla’ LV2 Plugin host here:
*Note that Carla only works reliably with development (or nightly Ardour builds currently)

All of this stuff (including ArdourVST) can be tried on the AV Linux 6.0.4 LiveDVD here:

Did you check out the Ardour Instruments page? It has a lot of ideas and links for things to try

Very good link!

How would you find the instrumnets-page starting from ?