find the file I've imported when I *didn't* 'copy files to session'?

When Ardour imports audio, and ‘copy files to session’ is NOT checked, there’s a 56-byte entry in ‘interchange’ containing the name of the file (which I assume is a pointer of some kind).

Is there any way to read the location of the ‘real’ audio file by looking at those 56 bytes? The file name is there, but not the path to the file.

import a stereo track from


and find that my_session/interchange/my_session/audiofiles contains just


I want to trace back to the actual audio (so that I can archive it), but – as explained below – prefer not to ‘copy files to session’.

My situation is as follows:

I use Ardour to ‘sweeten’ movie soundtracks. My normal workflow is (1) create a movie in Cinelerra, and render both audio (foo.wav) and video (foo.m2v); (2) ‘import’ foo.wav into Ardour; (3) sweeten in Ardour and export as ‘bar.wav’; (4) mux foo.m2v and bar.wav into the final foobar.mpg.

Now it sometimes happens that, after working on ‘sweetening’ the soundtrack, I need to make a small change in Cinelerra, which results in a new foo.wav (same file name, different sound). I find that - since I DON’T ‘copy imported files to session’ - Ardour automagically gets the new sound. So all my fader automation, SFX, etc., is still there and (with minor tweaking) works just fine.

So that’s why I don’t ‘copy files…’. But surely I should be able to FIND those imported files? After all, Ardour is doing it! What am I missing?


BTW: when I ‘refresh’ my sound, I find that Ardour now has two sets of pointers