Finance: Ardour subscriptions

Subscribe to Ardour!

We are experimenting with a new model for fundraising. Unfortunately (perhaps), you will need to register with to see it, but once you're logged in, its now possible to sign up for a recurring payment of $10/month to help support your favorite DAW's continuing development. There are some explanations of why you should subscribe.

We welcome suggestions on the subscription system, and we hope to modify it at some point to allow people who are not registered at to use it.

A few hundred subscribers at $10/month will do a huge amount to stabilize the funding of Ardour development. Please consider a subscription today.

BTW, the subscription system is made possible by the good work of LMMR Technologies and their PayPal module for Drupal (our web site content management system).

Hi Paul
ready to sign this subscription. And pay by Paypal.
Only one thing: is it 10$ /month or 120$ on a single payment ?

regards from France

12 payments of $10, 1 per month.

Thank you for your support.

thanks for your work.

I think this a great idea. I have already donated using paypal, but I’ll subscribe as well.

Works for me… I have been trying to find a way to support Ardour and this works well since i don’t bring in much money.


Hey Paul out of curiosity(And possibly another reason for people to donate) if Ardour is a Non-Profit Organization, does that not in turn mean that donations to it are tax deductible for those donating(At least in the US)? Just curious as I am never sure with the way the IRS works, but it may give a bit more incentive to donations, both personal donations and corporate sponsorship.


there is no Ardour Foundation just yet. I will hopefully be filing state paperwork this week; incorporation follows within a few weeks. Then it is necessary to file with the IRS for 501c(3) status; a determination normally takes 2-6 months. My understanding is that after the Foundation is incorporated, donations to it between then and the IRS determining that it is a non-profit will be eligible for tax-deduction (assuming that we get that determination). If tax-deductability is critical for anyone, they must wait for the IRS determination.

I will keep the website up to date with any news.

Cool figured I would ask, 120 bucks a year wont do much for me to be honest as my income is to low as it is, but figured I would throw it out there since I saw a blurb about that somewhere on the site.

Here is to hoping the income comes in.


Greetings from Japan. Ardour makes doing audio work on Linux worthwhile. I hope this donation will help with the release of 2.0 and beyond. Thanks for all your work!

Incorporation will be a great development. Have you any plans on how to make-up the board?

i’m ready to buy a “commercial” version of Ardour with Vst server “inside” + manual. A package (binaries) for both Linux (rpm, deb…) and Mac os X. An “Ardour Special Edition” . to help Ardour. And of course, always a classical version of Ardour, free of charge. Very important !

FreeSoftware doesn’t mean freeware. It’s different. think about it. You could propose 2 “versions” of Ardour.

What’s missing now in Ardour ?

  • MIDI (very important)
  • Vst server (i know there’s a pb of licence so you might propose 1 open source version + 1 commercial vst server. (something like that)
  • special version of Jack + Ardour for more than 1 soundcard at the same time(16 I/O to 32 I/O with 2/4 1010 Delta M audio for example)
  • Maybe video sync
  • EDL transfer

thanks P.D for this great soft.

Subscription : easy and serious. Every user might consider this… :slight_smile: Low cost and serious.


imo time has come for a Windows version of Jack and Ardour. This could help Ardour. (much more users and subscribers)


$10 dollars a month is not much to ask for a program of this quality. When I registered with this site yesterday I did not realize it would
take five days to transfer the funds from my bank account to pay pal. When, and only when the money is transfered to pay pal will I
download Ardour. So if it’s O.K. with you I would like to hang around and learn all I can about Ardour. Thanks for this fine piece of software!