Filter out Midi Clock (start/stop only needed)

Hi everyone, I need to send Start and Stop messages to reset/ start external hardware but no midi clock. MidiClock is generated externally, derived from a sample-based clock source. Is there a way to do this inside Ardour/MixBus32c? Scripting maybe? I’d appreciate if someone could kickstart me on this. I’d like to avoid needing to launch a 3rd party filtering software like MidiOx to take care of this.


There is currently no such mode, and it is likely also not useful. You might be able to sync-start multiple MIDI devices, but they won’t play in sync with Ardour/Mixbus. explains why.

So is Ardour’s MIDI Clock generator. Have you meanwhile managed to confirm the fix ?

PS. If you really must, there is some instrumentation test tool: You can load the plugin on any MIDI track in Ardour to send start/stop messages only:

Note however that when plugin’s generator mode is “Start/Stop Only” there are no “continue” (0xfb) messages, even when synced to host transport. This is because playback is to continue in sync with MIDI clock Beats (every 6th Clock tick).

HI Robin, thanks for your reply

Sorry if I was unclear, I also said I had a clock source derived from the audio. I just want an additional stop message to reset the synths. To be completely informative, I use the ERM VST plugin that usually feeds sync pulses to their multiclock, and feed this into a semi-modular synth clock input. That synth outputs regular midi clock when clocked to analog and it happens that that clock is rock solid, completely jitter-free which is what I need because in my productions I overdub external sequencers and arpegiators with lots of percussive material: I only use hardware midi devices. So this works basically like the USAMO from Expert Sleepers, or a stripped down 1 channel version of the ERM Multiclock.

Thanks, that might be just what I need. Will try ASAP!

That’s eactly what I need to: that’s why I asked the initial question: I need to send a “stop” message so that the sequencers reset themselves to start at bar1/beat1 when a new “start” message is received. I normally use a Retrokits RK OO2 cable I coded a Arduino sketch for to (amongst other functions) transform “continue” messages into “start” messages that are issued on the 1st beat of the next bar (derived from the SPP)

I’m using Mixbus 32C 6.1.22 (rev 6.1-22-ge24d44d) and didn’t recently check the latest Ardour release, also because in the meantime I found this jitter-free clocking solution that works really well (for free!). Did the fix propagate into MixBus already? I’ll perform my testing routine ASAP. Great news that it has been adressed!


PS: (edit) Is there a ready-to-use version of that midi clock generator available for Windows? I used to code VST’s myself but it’s been a while and have nothing set up to compile any code, apart from Arduino

I followed up with a note in the bugtracker

Not yet, since it’s mainly an instrumentation tool, I didn’t bother. but give me an hour or three. I’ll add it to the build-queue.

EDIT: Fresh from the oven, untested:

Brilliant, thanks, this is useful, I will follow up on the bugtracker

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