Filter MIDI input per track by channel (and output to specific channel)

Hi All

2 things I noticed I couldn’t see how to do while playing with some of the MIDI stuff in Ardour 3.0 SVN.

Just wondering if in MIDI it is yet possible to filter input to each MIDI track by channel…

I also can’t see any method of selecting which MIDI channel the output is set to.

Aside from some basic editing, and MIDI clock slave, these are 2 features that I really need and pretty much anyone with a multi-timbral external MIDI device would need. So I’m assuming I’ve either missed something or they aren’t implemented at this stage.

(BTW MIDI Clock slave sync is still the higher priority for me anyway)…

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I’m also very curoius about this. Is there a plugin that can do this?
That would allow using Ardour as a live performace environment with a MIDI controller (like m-audio Oxygen).


I’ve noticed Arodur has MIDI channel control, but it seems to not work when the transport is stopeed (live operation).

However I found out there’s a set of LV2 plusings for MIDI processing specifically made for live use: