Film Mixing example

Hi there!

Here’s something noise:

I received the complete video from the two guys you see in it. The song was mixed perfectly by one of them using Cubase. However, they found that it didn’t sound right in the video without some nature sounds of the surroundings.

So I loaded the video into Ardour and did some stuff. Which included mixing in field recordings from exactly that spot, but also using samples from all over the world. On you can get plenty of, many of them being licensed CC0.

I also got the 24/48 WAV with the song from the guys and then used an instance of Voxengo Elephant mastering limiter on the master bus just to guarantee that I would not shoot into clipping.

Not a big thing for the audience, but among all the great songs here in the category some other type of use of Ardour.


That song will be playing in my head for the rest of the day. Nice work!

Hi @DrNI,

Yeah, the result sounds good to me. I would have guessed that everything was recorded “at once”. Sounds very natural. Great job!