File / Region name in edit window

Hi everybody,

After years of frustrations using Digital Performer (my most recent problem being corrupt audio files that sound like pink noise…), I have decided to give Ardour a try. I must say I am quite impressed and I am seriously considering making the switch.

There is one small details that I can’t figure though: from what I see in the FLOSS manual, it is possible to have the file / region name appear in the strip below the waveforms in the edit window. I have checked all the options and read through the manual twice but I just can’t find a way to see the name. Am I missing something?

I use ardour on a PPC 1.42DP with OS10.5.8

Thanks in adavnce


Any region should just have its name automatically in the coloured bar at the bottom below the waveform. If you don’t have the coloured bar, then it just means that the track height is too small. To make it higher either right click on the track header and select a new height form that menu, or drag the track height using the stripy icon in the bottom left of the track header. If however you have the coloured bar at the bottom of the region and no name there then that sounds wrong. Maybe posting a screenshot showing what you expect and what is actually happening would help.

And, if I have completely miss-understood what it is you are wanting, then try re-explaining :slight_smile:

Hi chrisg,

You have perfectly understood what I meant. The colored strip below the waveform is definitely there, but there is no inscription, no matter how big I make the track. The manual shows cases where there is no inscription and some where there is.

I would like to include a screenshot but apparently the “comment” box won’t accept it.

Thanks for your help !

what if you right click on the region, choose the first menu entry and click on rename?
this way you could give a specific name to every region and they should be shown in the colored strip.


Hi doc,

I had tried that without any luck, still no name in the colored strip. It does change the name in the region column though.


OK, the name in the coloured bar is shown only at the very beginning of the region (ie the left hand side). If you zoom out so you can see the beginning of the region is the name visible ?

lanhet can you post a screenshot to tinypic or imagebin and give us the URL here? Thanks.


this is a known but completely mysterious bug that only affects the OS X PPC build of Ardour.

Thanks guys,

It appears time has come to swith to an Intel…

In any case, here is the snapshot: