File Browser for Ardour 7

i have idea
add a file browser sub/under editor list for speed up use sample by drag&drop

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hi robin
Sononym not work
ayyi/samplecat i cant compile (i know after compile like Sononym not work for drag & drop in sampler plugin not ardour)
ardour importer dont work for drag in sampler plugin
just carla-rack work fine but it not have a auto play sample option

what should we do now??

In all honesty, I recommend using another DAW if not having that feature is such a workflow killer.


Hi, imho it is not a workflow killer, but…would be a workflow enhancer if that existed :slight_smile:


I complete agree but my answer for @idea was simply based on his emboldened question of “what should we do now??” :wink:

Well i guess we do with Ardour as it is or buy bitwig i guess :smiley:

Lets hope it will be implemented 1 day, as i said would be marvelous.

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