Field Recordings 3


Field Recordings 3 is out now and up on Bandcamp. You should be able to listen free as much as you like. I have some Bandcamp codes if people want a free download - anyone from this forum can have one, just get in touch.

Using Ardour to make this was an absolute joy. I’ve not upgraded to 7.x yet so this was all done on 6.x
I’ve credited plugin makers and other FOSS software that was used on the Bandcamp page.

Also a big thank you to the whole community - boards like this are invaluable for help, inspiration, support, and so on.


Really like your work. I thought it’s just another environmental/ambience recording but no. Lots of creativity here and all the pieces are quite intriguing and non obvious. Enjoyed it a lot, although this is not kind of music for everyone, that’s for sure.

Took somehow similar attitude years ago, just for one song:

But you brought it to whole new level. Well done!

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Thanks @songo

I like the track you shared on SoundCloud.

And yeah, I guess I’m interested in the response to the field recording as much as the recording itself, and hopefully that turns into something of interest to me and hopefully others. So definitely not music for a big audience, but hopefully, good sound/music to some.

Thanks again

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Very nice, and it really grabbed the attention of my cat! :cat:

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You just made me spend a fair amount of time listening to a kind of noise I don’t generally like, just because you made it sound so good.

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Thanks @DonJaime and @gimp335 - I think ‘listening to sounds I don’t generally like’ is a really good description. I wonder if the cat felt the same?

Thanks for taking the time to comment - it so nice that people do take the time. Each comment provides something to think about, so thanks.