FFT Analysis Window is blank


I’m trying to get something to appear in the FFT Analysis Window with the Spectral Analysis tool. I right-click a region, select it’s name, then select “Spectral Analysis” in the submenu. Up pops the Analysis Window with nothing in it. Clicking “Re-analyze” doesn’t help.

I compiled 2.7.1, which has FFT_ANALYSIS=1 as default, on Ubuntu 7.10.


There are some unfortunate usability issues regarding the fft analysis tool. The main problem lies in the fact that with some settings, opening the region context menu screws up with the track selection.

The FFT analysis tool does analysis based on selected tracks. If the track selection vanishes, the tool will show nothing. To fix this, open up the tool, then re-do the track selection and use the analyse button in the analysis window.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

“Options->Misc Options->Link Region/Track Selection” makes this work for me (Ardour 2.7.1). Just turn on this option, then right-click on the region you want to analyze.

Ctrl-click to select multiple regions, and each region will show up on the same graph with a different color.


Thanks Mr. Ben! -_-