has anyone got any luck with ffado for ubuntu? i don’t mind compiling them myself, but it seems i have to keep going lower and lower into the library dependencies until some of the libraries i need to update to svn versions will stuff up heaps of packages (libraw1394 was one). am i able to just compile these libraries alongside the repository versions? i’m thinking of getting a sapphire pro26 firewire soundcard, but i need to use the latest ffado svn builds to use that, but i cant find any distribution with a ffado package built in (everyone still seems to be using the old freebob libraries) :frowning:

i wish ubuntustudio was more than just a couple of apps and a new skin. someone needs to make a real ubuntustudio distribution with jack-compiled mplayer, jack compiled bristol, libffado drivers, etc :slight_smile:

well i got the saffire and it is working with the freebob drivers shipped with ubuntu… kinda…

unfortunately i keep getting short but LOUD bursts of static like sound during playback (not just in ardour either). the annoying thing is that nothing else is giving any indication of problems (no xruns etc). does anyone know what would cause this? i have to do a recording in 2 days and at this rate i think i’m going to have to reinstall my old card and use the behringer preamps :frowning:

does anyone know what would cause these blasts of noise? they last less than a second and occur only once or twice a minute or so.


update: i temporarily hooked it up to a windows pc and did a firmware update. it seems much better now. still not perfect but hopefully it will survive. there are small clicks that occur every so often, but i think they are only playback artifacts, not something that is going to record. i’ll test it properly tonight with a friend.

well, i’ve put the saffire pro26 on order, so wish me luck! :slight_smile:

Hello, there is no relase of ffado now.
you can compile alla libs and ffado :


I have a saffire pro 26 too and ubuntu studio , this card work parfetly whith ferebob (you have to dl et compile the last)

I’m trying to work whith ffado , compilation and installation are ok, i compile jack from svn , whith freebob and firewire (ffado) support enabled. But when i want to run jack i have a mismatch version

19:41:18.916 Could not connect to JACK server as client. - Overall operation failed. - Server communication error. - Client protocol version mismatch. Please check the messages window for more info.
JACK protocol mismatch (16 vs 21)
cannot complete client connection process
client linked with incompatible libjack version.
could not attach to JACK server

If everyone has a idea…

What is wrong with the freebob included with Ubuntu?

does that support the sapphire pro26? the ffado site only just (as in a week or so ago) announced official support for that card. if freebob has support for it then i’d be happy :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is related but I get clicks on my Presonus Firepod if what I’m playing through it is too loud. Don’t really know why but it’s a large click.

i’ve given up for now. with the freebob drivers it is just too unstable (it would crash every few minutes and i’d have to do a full bus reset and shut down jack etc. also i couldn’t disable the hardware input monitoring which sent every input to every output all the time) and with the ffado drivers there are no output ports created (???). the inputs seem to be created fine (all 26 of them) and they even record, but i have absolutely no output ports available. at the moment it is just sitting on a table in my loungeroom taking up space. i really hope to get it working soon, as the preamps etc seem to be quite nice.


ps. the clicks may have been from clipping. i found the same thing as Beaz, i can’t figure out why they are so loud, compared to my rme9636 and a cheapy behringer ada8000 with the same signal (no noticable ‘hard’ clipping sound out of it at all in the same pieces of audio).


the freebob drivers seem to have settled down a bit now. not sure why, nothing changed. i have had some success using freebob as the backend driver, and using ffado’s dbus interface to disable the hardware mixing so i could use ardour to control in/out matrix. the only problem is my main desktop has died (smells like burning) and my laptop is too slow to use for any serious recording.

on a side note, i am thinking of forcing myself to learn python and dbus programming and trying to link up with ffado’s dbus interface to make a small focusrite saffire control app (hardware mixer faders, phantom power buttons etc). anyone interested if i do?


ps. if i do get this done, it will probably be a bit hackish, but i’m not sure the ffado dbus interface is final anyways. still, it sure would beat using dbus-viewer and manually changing settings :slight_smile:

edit: oh, and for anyone who is interested in trying ffado, disregard my first post. recompiling libraw1394 and installing over the package one seems to cause no problems, so there is no need to uninstall all the packages that depend on it. you also only need to recompile jack if you want to use ffado as the backend driver, rather than using freebob with ffado acting as a control interface. just compile/install libraw1394 and then compile ffado and you should be fine.

for anyone who is interested, i finally got this thing working properly

the latest jack and ffado builds, along with the updated firmware and a new firewire card (apparently my old card’s chipset was causing a lot of the problems i had) has made everything work perfectly.

before i was having trouble keeping it running for a few minutes, now i got almost 24 hours with no xruns!

soundwise this thing shits on my old behringerada8000/rme9636 combination. i’m trying to work out what to do with them. i think i’ll make the behringer a secondary input for the saffire, not sure what i’ll do with the rme yet though. it’s a great card and i hate to see it wasted.


Hi Porl

I was just wondering (since i am using a Saffire LE) if you had any luck with the ‘Python controll app experiment’ ?
I am VERY interested !! It seems such a waiste to have a perfectly good headphone amp just sitting there … sniff …

bye !