Few rough demos.

Few rough demos recorded using Ardour (drums sequenced with Hydrogen, guitars made with Digitech GNX3000):


Oudated hardware e.g. Pentium4 1.5 GHz plus Sound Blaster Live at 10ms latency setting, after some serious tweaking can pull off up to 25 audio tracks with ease. Imagine, what Ardour can do running on better hardware :slight_smile:



I too have a GNX3k and I wanted to know how did you connect GNX3k to the Ardour. If you used JACK, did you connect through your computer’s sound card or through USB?

Because when I connect through USB qtjacktl recognises GNX3k as a MIDI device but not as an audio device. Please let me know of any method of routing the USB through JACK.

Thank You.