Feedback plus menus are unreadable.

Hi, Since these are separate concerns, I thought it might be more appropriate to start a new post.

When I enter Ardour 2, if any audio inputs are set to ‘on’ whether it’s ‘Auto Audio Input’ or if I click the record button on a track, I get feedback. I have no monitor speakers on or anything.

Also the text is so faint and faded on my menus, I can barely read them. I only see the selections as I run over them with my mouse. Is this normal?

I appreciate any help. many Thanks,…Frank

(a) feedback - not normal, but easy to create by a lack of understanding of routing and the h/w mixer inside your audio interface.

(b) text in menus: please take a screenshot, and file a bug report. sounds familiar, but can’t say for sure without a screenshot.

its MUCH faster to solve issues like this on IRC than in a forum. this might take 15 mins to fix on IRC, but i predict will take more than a day via a forum. please see the support page for more information.

Thanks for helping and pardon my ignorance, but what is IRC?

Thanks, Frank

When people ask questions like that, I start to feel old.