Feedback heck every time I add a track

I am new to Ardour and running v5.12. I recently installed Ardour through KXStudio on Linux Mint 18.3. My issue is that every time I open Ardour, and when I add a new track. this happens:

I have removed this setting every time but it reapplies as soon as I add another track.
I’m not sure if this patch is supposed to be desired but since it results in a feedback loop I have probably suffered some hearing damage as a result and fear using my headphones at this point. Any suggestions?

Check for Cadence to be starting LADISH then, can’t remember if it can, or if it uses another app like Claudia to start one.

In every case I have helped with something like this it has been something external to Ardour such as a session management service recreating unwanted patches.


I guess I should have added that I am using Cadence/Jack which seemed to be default after installing KXStudio

Apparently a reboot did the trick. My only guess is since I added KXStudio to Linux Mint 18.3 is that something loaded up at boot which caused it.

Check for session managers or if you are using QJackCTL check it’s patchbay settings to make sure that nothing is restoring this outside of Ardour.


I do not know of any reason why or how Ardour would do this. I would request that you join us on IRC (see the bottom left corner of this page) something between about 13:00 and 02:00 UTC, so that we can go through why this happening in realtime, without the silly delays that a web forum creates every time we need to do another round of question and answer.

I had this problem today, everytime I added a track it started a feedback loop. I looked at various things to fix it then I realised if I used my external audio interface as the input and output when setting up ardour initially rather than the computer this stopped the problem happening. Hope this helps