Fedora 34 - pipeware - Ardour crash

Hey guys using Ardour 6.7 from fedora and everytime I open Qjackctl the Ardour just hangs and crashes.
help appreciated.

Is Ardour using the jackd or ALSA backend?
This doesn’t happen to everyone running Fedora, so you need to provide a lot more detail about your setup for anyone to be able to help.
Which backend did you pick from Ardour when starting? Which audio device did you pick with that backend?
Are you using jackd from the jack-audio-connection-kit package, or is Pipewire providing jack API support?
What happens if you start QJackctl before starting Ardour?

There have been various reports on the issue tracker that ended up with a conclusion “fixed in pipewire v0.3.30.”

e.g. 0008738: GUI freezes when adding MIDI track - Ardour Bug Tracker

General rule: try if it crashes when not using pipewire (e.g. Ardour/ALSA or just jack), and if that works, it’s likely a pipewire issue.

Also note that pipewire is still under heavy development, so update early, update often (and report bugs).

And apparently the 0.3.30 packages have some packaging issue that was found, because 0.3.30-2, i.e. second packaging build of the 0.3.30 source in Fedora terminology, is in the testing repository now. The “-2” indicates that the source for Pipewire is not changing, but could change e.g. where files are located, permissions on installed files, create symlinks, etc., so could also be useful to check that latest build either from updates-testing, or wait a few days for it to move to the normal updates repository.

Doesnt seemed to fix the issue. If u run pulse audio effects or anyof
pulseaudio controls then ardour freezes and crashes.
There is also noise issue and i guess its because ardour processes are
killing the machinenin the backend.

How about if you use Arodur/ALSA and directly connect to the soundcard (no pipewire, no jack, no pulseaudio,…) ? – just to rule out any issues with the setup/syetem.

Also, is this Ardour from http://ardour.org/download.html ? – just to rule out any issues with distro or self build

I could not get 6.7 to work on Fedora 34 with anything other than ALSA. (pipeware, pulse, jack) the UI in Ardour would hang if you tried to do anything other than open Audio/MIDI setup and change it to ALSA first.

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