Fedora 11 - "Ardour could not start JACK" problem please help

Hello, I just got Ardour, and After hours of configuring, I get qjackctl to work, only to be plagued by the ever horrific message, “Ardour could not start JACK”.

Here are images of my problem:

I only get this screen when I try to start it up:

Then I get this screen:

Vague, I know - but I’m still very new to Linux’s command lines. Regardless - is there ANY way to fix this? I JACK is working! I don’t get what can be the problem.

If anybody who can help needs any information, just ask and I’ll provide. I need help.

Any assistance would be great. Thank you.

If Ardour is showing you those windows/messages then jack must not be running.

A bit of background.

Qjackctl is not jack, it is merely a config/control app for jack.

Ardour needs jack for its basic functionality (audio routing etc)

You have multiple ways of starting jack. 1) figure out what options you need and start it from the command line 2) Make all the settings in Qjackctl and then press the start button on it’s main window. 3) Let Ardour start jack (that’s what your first screen shot shows).

If you start jack using either method 1 or 2 then Ardour will not show you the windows you have posted and will go straight to it’s session dialogues.

If you are pretty confident that you have started jack (not Qjackctl !) and Ardour still shows you those messages, then you have something more fundamentally wrong.

If after clicking ‘start audio engine’ in the Ardour dialogue you still get the message about jack not being started, then the problem could be the following :

Jack requires full and exclusive access to your audio hardware, if another app (firefox, pulseaudio etc) has already grabbed the hardware then jack cannot. You need to stop those things blocking jack from starting.

You might find it quicker to get on IRC and come to the #ardour channel for some real time help with this. Details are in the support section of this web site.