February Financial Goals Met

I often try to write in the 3rd person on this website, but for once I need to speak entirely in the first. It is hard for me to convey the extent of my gratitude to the 200+ people who contributed funds during February to allow me to keep working on Ardour full time. Either through donations or subscriptions, you have made it possible for me to keep working for at least a couple of months while I continue to figure out long term funding possibilities. I am so very thankful for the support you have all offered, and I will do everything I can to honor that support with good code, new releases and coming soon, a whole slew of new features. Thank you to everyone. Stay tuned for a slightly different focus for March …

Paul, you know overanxious people like me are going to take that as a… we are close to a release on 2.0 to be able to shift focus in March to new features;) Wishful thinking of course, but still hoping.

Have fun, and thank you again for Ardour, both to you and all developers of it.


That’s great news, and it’s so good to see the amount of support that’s out there in the community.

I feel much happier giving money to a project like this that can potentially be used by anybody that wants to, than paying for commercial software that I’m not allowed to share.

Keep up the great work!