Feature Request: MIDI Format 1

Paul . . . Please also think about MIDI Format 1. It would be a great thing if you integrated MIDI Format 1 into Ardour 7.0.

MIDI Format 1 files have separate tracks. The original channel and track assignments of the original file are preserved. This format can be better read by PCs with sequencer programs due to the track and channel separation, thus enabling easier operation. It is particularly useful if you want to edit a midi file.

This wonderful feature makes Ardou users even more satisfied, happier and increases sales enormously. The users then know what they appreciate about Ardor.

That’s why it’s so important to deliver this feature with Ardor 7.0.

Trust me!

Ardor can import MIDI files with multiple tracks. That’s all. Nobody asks for this feature. All users are just looking to see if this valuable and facilitating feature is present in your DAW. When it doesn’t exist, users look to another DAW. If Ardor can import and export with this feature, you will get more users. Trust me . . Paul! Please reconsider. It’s a minor thing for you to fully integrate this feature. The users would be happy. Even if the Ardor 7.0 costs a little more. trust me

The appropriate place to log feature requests is in the bug tracker so that they will not be forgotten later:
Ardour bug tracker

Exporting midi tracks is so important. Maybe there is some script that does this

That seems very subjective. It isn’t important to me at all, but if I wanted to do it I would probably just route MIDI output to another program like Denemo or Rosegarden.

Is it important enough to spend time updating the bug tracker?

Ardour 7.0 will have stem exporting to MIDI files.

Good day,

Thanks for the quick responses.

Ardour programmers do a really great job.

A is not a question of entitlement. Let’s see the benefits of this wish. Save the entire midi project in a single midi file with just one click. Previously unthinkable.

If you have over 60 midi tracks or more, invest a lot of time in midi export. It is and remains a great simplification for the Ardour user to export several midi tracks in one midi file with one click. That’s a really great thing.

You do not need an external NEW program for this. ALL IN ONE. Wouldn’t that be great?

If you need or want to share the midi project, don’t share 60+ midi files. NO. You are ONLY passing 1 midi file. You don’t need to import 60+ midi files separately. NO. You import only 1 midi file and assign ONLY the desired instrument plugin to each midi track.

These are unbeatable arguments for this really wonderful feature.

Stem exporting to MIDI files is not the same but a big step forward as you still have to work with separate midi files in the import and export area.

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Ardour already supports MIDI type 1. This is with current ardour git; or current releases of Mixbus, or the upcoming Ardour7 release.

By default, Ardour creates a file for each MIDI track. (so it might have up to 16 channels in it, although most type-1 files just put one channel per track)

Alternatively you can click “one track per channel” and you’ll get a separate track for each track in each channel.

Stem-exporting a MIDI track is supported. You can bounce all your MIDI to a single track and export 16 channels, but I think we only support type0 on the export. Again, this is already available in the Mixbus releases.


Hello Ben,

Ardor supports MIDI format 1 with multiple tracks only in the import section. Not in the export area.

ok ben I’m working with Ardor 6.9. Please be so kind and explain to me step by step the MIDI export of several MIDI tracks, that in the end all MIDI tracks are saved in one MIDI file.

This is the test project:

Hi Thomas,

Ardour 6.9 is very old compared to the current state of ardour-git and mixbus releases.

You might try these steps:

  1. create a new midi bus(*), and for its inputs, select all the tracks that you wish to ‘sum’
  2. create a midi track (*) and for its input, select the midi bus
  3. record-arm that midi track, roll the transport, and bounce your midi to it
  4. right-click on the resulting region and choose “export” OR if that option doesn’t exist, just look in your session’s interchange/midi_files folder to find the resulting region.

(*) I believe that the intervening bus is no longer required in current ardour-git and mixbus; but I think it was necessary back in 6.9. I’m sorry I don’t have time to test for you.

To see what’s coming in ardour7, you could download the current Mixbus demo and do a stem-export of your midi tracks and buses. It’ll still be type0, but it will include all 16 channels.


Hello Ben,

Many thanks for your help.

Please visit the website:

Download any midi file there and import this midi file.

Then you also know what I mean. Because these downloadable MIDI files were saved that way. Several MIDI tracks are included in this downloadable MIDI file. This is exactly how I want to save several MIDI tracks in one MIDI file.

Your help was good, but there was no success. Is not bad.

Hi Thomas!

Yes, I understand that you want type1 export.

Mixbus (and upcoming Ardour7) can correctly import type1 files into named tracks; but we can only export type0. However you can still put 16 channels in a type0, which is pretty useful.


Hello Ben,

do not worry. We’ll see what’s under the hood in Ardor 7.0. A STEM export, where you can also export multiple MIDI files at once, is also quite useful. Nobody knows witches.

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