Feature request, cues: preview clips in sync with loop

I just filed a feaure request with the idea that when playing a loop, clip preview would sync with the loop.

Hope someone else likes that idea too!

PS. The clip launcher is really cool!

Not likely to fulfill this. Looping is a poor-man’s version of clips.

I’m not sure you got the point.

I recorded a song with some keyboards, vocals and bass. Now I’m searching for the right drumpatterns for the different parts of the song. So being able to loop some part of it and have the clip library preview “play along” when testing drum patterns would make it easier to determine if the clip fits with the recorded material.

Or is there already some way to achieve that?

The problem is that looping is an utterly different mechanism from anything to do with clips. It is extremely difficult to make them work together (at the code level).

Ah. Then I think I understand better what you meant with

I’ll try to adapt my workflow instead.

I think Paul is missing the point. Some DAWs allow you to audition a clip at the session’s tempo, and mixed-in with the main mix. It’s a really nice feature that we are lacking. The transport-loop is just an extension of the basic concept that the auditioned file should be stretched to match the session.

BUT while this might work for highly curated loops (like Garageband loops in the Apple ecosystem), in the real-world it’s often the case that a loop requires some trimming, midi-patch-selection, transposition or a hundred other things in order to fit your song.

In my experience it’s best to use the (very fast!!!) auditioner to find potential loops, and then drag them to slots for final auditioning where you can fire them in various parts of the song, at the right tempo, through the effects, etc, etc.


Thanks! Maybe i gave up to easily on this. I’ll try to rephrase my idea to make it clearer:

  1. I create some music and make a loop range from some of it

  2. Currently, auditioning a clip will pause the loop, then resume when the clip is finished.

  3. I think instead that when looping something, auditioning a clip from the library should align the start point of the clip with the start of the loop and play together for the duration of the clip. When the clip ends, the loop continues alone.

If this could work “at the code level”, it’d be a lot easier to determine if a given clip will fit the musical idea.

I don’t think the loops would need a lot of curation as this is just a hunt for the right feel. If the clip fits, then I’ll be willing to do all the curating required…

@al_F: it’s not as simple as starting at the same time as the loop; you also have to stretch the file to match the tempo. And I can hear the requests coming after that …can I trim the part of the file I want to loop? can I tweak the timing? can I sidechain it? can I filter it or put some reverb on it…? etc etc

Currently, the only way to audition a clip “in context” is to load it into a slot and launch it alongside your other tracks, and it’s really not that big of a deal. You can dedicate one strip as your ‘scratch track’ where you put clips in to get stretched along with your session.

I agree that it would be cool if the auditioner could do this, but that’s not how it works right now.


That’s the PITA of making great software, isn’t it? Users always want perfection :grin:

But you see, at least the MIDI clips are already streched - auditioning them plays back at the session tempo! Intead of pausing the loop to audition the clip, couldn’t auditioning just align the start of the clip with the start of the playing loop?

That’s a spot on description of my current workflow. Granted, it works.

The current (and decades-old) design of the auditioner means that whenever it is active, nothing else plays.

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