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ardour pianoroll idea

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Unlike some other DAWs (e.g. Reaper) that have adopted their own format for the file that stores note names, we have currently chosen to use the industry standard MIDNAM format.

This comes at a price: on the one hand, it’s a standard, on the other it’s an extremely complex file format.

As a result, we currently consider the MIDNAM files to be read-only from Ardour’s perspective.

If you want to change the note names, for the time being, manually editing the MIDNAM is the only option, and this is particularly hard when it is provided by a plugin (since there is no MIDNAM file, only an internal MIDNAM data buffer). On the other hand, changing the note names for a plugin that provides them seems odd.

thank you for clear explanation

another idea right now come to my mind
when select a note, piano roll in selected range highlight with red color its good
but better than it note number and name also highlight with red color

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