fast track pro on linux mint 13 maya

0as it is the same as ubuntu, i want to know the configuration on the qjackctl , (the setup and the connections part), i 've been struggling to make it work, i want to know also how to record a guitar directly connected, because i’ve only capture ambience sound but not the direct input, any help would be aprecciated

It’s NOT the same as ubuntu…

Turn on your Fast track pro, then launch qjackctl:

If running JACK2 and ONLY for JACK2 place -S after jackd in Server prefix like this:

jackd -S

Enable realtime
Priority (leave as default for now)
Frames/Period 256
Sample Rate 44100
Periods/Buffer 3 (3 is mostly used in USB and Firewrie devices, 2 for PCI)

Leave “Interface” as default and select:

Dither: None
Audio: Duplex
Input Device: hw:X,1
Output Device: hw:X,0

Where X is the number for the Fast Track Pro shown in the drop-down menu in the device list

Make sure the A/B switch next to the headphone monitoring plug is in the out position if monitoring with headphones for this setting.

I advice you to give my blog a good (although painful and boring) read whether you get good or bad results/performance from your Fast Track Pro: