Fast Forward after editing....

I was running 2.8.2 under UBUNTU for several songs(up to 30 tracks and 40 plugins per song) without problems I built Ardour myself 2.8.11 and now every time I edit parts of a track I get FAST FORWARD like the JOG wheel is stuck. after I press stop several times It works normal again. It just happens all the time and wished I did not make the upgrade… Now even after I downgraded to 2.8.2 it is the same there too… I am lost. Thank you for your kind help.

Men you made my day! Everything is working like it should and I have the latest version of ARDOUR. Thanks so much for this great tip.

i do not really understand what is happening here, but generally after doing an upgrade - you should delete the .ardour2 folder.
often using an old, incompatible keybinding file, you can come in to several troubles. you can try if it helps.


Thank I appreciate your suggestion and will right away try that. Danke!!!