Farbro - Cattack - Sampling/electronic

Just finished this one off with Ardour 3! I’m using the Calf plugin pack and TAL Noisemaker for all synths. What do you think? How’s the mastering?

https://soundcloud.com/farbro/cattack (listen/download)

its not going to win prizes for contemporary composition but its very easy on the ears and nicely constructed for this genre (and yeah, i do listen to Groove Salad a lot!). no immediate mastering/mixing comments …

Reminds me of Lemon Jelly. A nice groove to start the day, thanks for sharing.

Nice, like it. But little but more variation would be good.

Sounds good. I also think some variation would be nice in the track. Some unexpected chords or sounds somewhere…or just a solo jam with a new instrument. It sounds like you did a good job on the mastering.

And a question…are you using TAL Noisemaker on Linux? I can’t get it to work for more than 40 seconds…it crashes on me.

Thanks! Yeah I agree I should put a little more variation to it, problem is I always get stuck when I try to (hard finding samples) and it always results in a 5 months delayed release… This one I finished in two days. :slight_smile:

@looplog: Had a listen to Lemon Jelly, sounds awesome! Thanks for the tip.

@Smeefer: I had huge problems with it as well, but it worked as long as I didn’t fiddle with with the knobs in the GUI. However, I could avoid a crash by editing the parameters with the basic GUI intead. Haven’t yet posted a bug report on this, but it’s to be done soon!