false memlock warning

I’m getting the warning from Ardour that I have a limit to locked memory and then when I try to open the session anyway, it says “failed to load snapshot”.
Memlock is set to unlimited in limits.conf and ulimit -l shows unlimited.
This is with 5.5 in Arch and XFCE. It’s a stripped down version of Arch for audio that I’ve been running for about 3.5 years. I backed up that partition on a different disk in September and if I boot that partition all works fine. Also, last year i cloned that partition and installed KDE and a bunch of extra software and I use this for daily stuff. It’s basically the same system with bells and whistles. Ardour also works on there.
I’m thinking that it’s probably not Ardour that is having the issue but somewhere between September ,when I made the backup, and now, possibly an update came through that put things awry.Funny though that on the cloned system it still works.
Anyone have a clue what might cause this?

I updated Arch again later in the day and the problem went away. I think it may have had to do with systemd updates.