False Font and GUI Scaling with Ubuntu

I just tried the new Version. I don’t copied the V3-config at startup.
OSX and Win nightly works fine, jst with Ubuntu something is wrong with the scaling. I already checked the prefs. Its at “default”.


I already restarted Ardour. Anything else I could do?

I don’t understand what you think is wrong?

The buttons and fonts are huge in comparision to OSX or Win.
p.e. see the mute button at master - this is normal. the others are not. :slight_smile:

looks like you did change font-scaling but not restarted ardour afterward.

I didn’t touch anything. If I restart Ardour some other Buttons are smaller or bigger. No clue whats the cause.

How can we see that in the screenshots? Can you point to an example of a button that is affected in this way?

Sure, I’ll explain.
See the first screenshot I postet in my first post. Click on it, so it maximizes. Then look at the “Mute” button in the Arranger on the master track. :slight_smile: