False Flag Show - 70's rock with Ardour

The piano intro of “False Flag Show” was recorded last summer, and I spent many hours with this tune, experimenting different kind of approaches and here’s what came up. Maybe this ain’t the last mix, maybe it is. The lyrics were influenced heavily by Alex Jones’ radio show and his films… Musically something between power pop, hard rock, progressive rock … or something else.

False Flag Show were recorded with :
Katar Jazzblaster el. bass
Epiphone Les Paul el. guitar
Millennium MD70 digital drums
Behringer GDi21 preamp for guitar and bass
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC200 preamp for vocals
Beyerdynamic MC834 microphone
Behringer UB802 Eurorack mixer
Mandriva Linux 2007 and Ardour, Audacity, ZynAddSubFx, Qsampler/LinuxSampler…

Oh yeah, the song itself:



you’re really developing as a musician. i love the new song!