fake speaker movement for ir's

I was wondering if anyone has a technique/s to fake cabinet speaker movement when using impulse responses.
I’ve tried using the “calf pulsator” plugin, which kind of adds a bit of colour/variation.
Idea’s appreciated.

@Edvard Diehl: setBfree uses angular dependent IR using data from the paper ‘Doppler simulation and the Leslie’, by Julius Smith, Stefania Serafin, Jonathan Abel, David Berners which is available in the Proceedings of of the 5th Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-02), Hamburg, Germany, September 26-28, 2002 (https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~jos/doppler/). It furthermore features a convolution engine for angle-independent cabinet characteristics.

Both are available as standalone LV2 plugins but won’t allow loading custom Impulse Responses at this point in time.

If I understand correctly it seems to me like a profound waste of CPU cycles, best filed away with gold-plated mains connectors, and other psychoacoustic BS. Just use an EQ.

In fact with a little experimentation adding a very subtle variation/fluctuation to the ir’s does make the cabinet sound less flat and have a more live feel. I can handle a few extra cpu cycles to get it sounding right and can always bounce the track if needed.

@pevsner: Entirely your call - whatever works, specifically,

an additional feature emulating the speaker woofer movement (in/out), adding subtle variation/warm to a normal cabinet Ir,
implied that you were concerned with modelling the speaker (cone) movement correctly?! In which case, I contend that if your mix does / didn’t sound the way you wanted it to, it almost certainly isn’t / wasn’t because you hadn’t modelled the movement of the speaker correctly, but far more likely that all you needed was some proper EQ (I’m not referring to rotary speakers etc, that is a very obvious effect). Computationally an impulse response / convolution is a very inefficient way to achieve this. You’ve obviously found something (some kind of dynamic effect) that works for you, which is the important thing, but I don’t think it’s doing what you originally set out to do (if I understood that correctly)

Hi Edward,
I saw a while ago an impulse response plugin ( can’t remember what it was called) that had an additional feature emulating the speaker woofer movement (in/out), adding subtle variation/warm to a normal cabinet Ir, I was trying to reproduce something similar by combining Tom Szilagyi’s Ir plugin and the calf pulsator. I was just wondering if anyone had another approach?

Do you mean a leslie rotating speaker emulation - there is a calf plugin for that, another one comes with setBfree, and the MDA leslie plugin. None of these use impluse reponses, however. Not sure how an impluse response relates to faking speaker movement, actually.