Faint echo after 85 seconds


My Ardour project contains a master track and a 2 channel track. The 2 channel track contains a single 2 channel 24/44.1 WAV file. No signal processing of any sort was used.

When I export this project to 24/44.1 WAV, there is a faint echo that takes place about 85 seconds after the main sound.

Can anybody explain how to solve this problem?



Clarification: I am running Ardour 2.8.12 on Ubuntu 12.04.

This would be the first time I have heard anything like this, can you post up your session somewhere to look at and the export you are hearing the echo in?


My website is down. Can anyone recommend a file sharing service?

Last night I exported several WAV files that suffered from echoes. This morning I created a new session and I’m glad to say that I could not reproduce the echo problem.