Failing latency compensation and new distro...

Kind of two subjects but not totally separated in my case.

I’ve been using Ardour with Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. Everything works pretty fine. Latency compensation hasn’t worked though. I’ve tried to start JACK within the Ardour and I’ve tried jack_iodelay but in both cases it works a while and then fails again. Interface is Zoom H4n. It works for me but I don’t know does it have anything to do with this issue.

However, I’m installing a new setup, possibly 14.04 but not yet sure about the distro. Are there better alternatives for regular Ubuntu? Does anyone have anything to say about DreamStudio? I don’t know much about it. I have tried AV Linux and KXStudio (last time I didn’t managed to get KXStudio work). I don’t know, could the distro install solve latency problem but I hope so…

what do you mean latency compensation is failing?

You need to explain exactly what is going on, and how you think latency compensation isnt working.

It works fine for me in kx studio

Recorded audio isn’t in time. It’s some milliseconds behind and I have to move it on the right place every time. If I restart Ardour and JACK or do the jack_iodelay trick, then audio comes on the right place but after a while of work it’s again behind.

What version of jack are you using
what version of ardour

Also when recording are you disconnecting previous tracks from your inputs, i have read in previous threads that ardour can have trouble working out latency if there extra tracks connected that are not being recorded on.

I always disconnect the previous track when recording a new track.

it seems like its over compensating,

you might get more imediate hlep over on irc

Infact i had been oticing this in a recent project that i had been playing along to a song (doing an acoustic cover and using the original as a backing track)

I hadnt setup the input out delay, once i used jack_iodelay it sorted the issue.

Im using kx studio 12.04
Ardours most recent version from the repos (not ardours prebuilt binary but im assuming they are the same)
Using internal sound card and a tascam dr05 as a pre amp (funnilyu enough i tested this connected aswel and it only adds 1ms in latency)

I would try making sure you disconnect previous tracks before recording new ones as it may be compensating latency from the wrong places.

I’ve been using latest versions of Ardour and JACK (I guess). I’ll try disconnecting tracks next time.

hmmmm i think im experiencing whta you are, one of my projects is starting to get a bit complicated now with 10 tracks and it seems that the timing is going all out of whack…

ive also noticed that its incredibly easy to accidentally shift a region making it out of time, i just had to undo about 20 changes to undo the offending accidental edit.

It would be nice to lock regions so that cannot be moved, and ifyou want to move a region unlock it

You can lock regions. Very left drop down on tool bar, slide, splice, lock.

… you can lock individual regions, too: right-click, <region name> | Position | Lock

In some project I tried to disconnect previous tracks. Didn’t work. Latency compensation still fails. Is it a bug or is there something wrong with my configurations/setup? I’d like to have some clue because I’m installing a new setup.

im gonna have to check this out by reocrding multiple tracks to a click and see if i get the same issues.

will set something up and record 8 tracks 1 after the other and see what happens.

I cant think of anything in the setup that would cause it to drift out of sync. if the input output delay was wrong, then every track would be off by the same amount.

6 tracks in recorded with a click and no noticable latency issues

you might get better help on the irc where developers and testers are

I stopped at 6 tracks as i had starting working on something that is while very simple i think is turning out pretty good.

But ive been unable to reproduce any latency problems (apart from my own bad timing.)

I have the click on and can visually see that things are lining up as best as they should be. For example i have a few percussive tracks (hand claps and acoustic guitar being palmed on the sound hole to create a kick sound) these are lining up pretty well with ardours grid.

Sorry i couldnt help.