Failed to open audio device error

I recently install Ardour on my Win 10 Pro system and I get a “Failed to open audio device” error when trying to create a new session.
My sound card is a IDT HD Audio built inside my HP Laptop.
Driver downloaded from manufacturer.
Simple system test or playback through audio player like vlc works as expected.

What backend choices are you making (in Ardour’s Audio/MIDI setup dialog) ?

Whatever I choose I get the same result

If this is a audio device on the motherboard it may not have a “full duplex mode” where the device input and output can be accessed simultaneously as one device. The device might be seen by the os as two separate devices, one for output and one for input and this will not with Ardour afaik. However this is purely speculation as I don’t have that device. You might have better luck with an external USB audio device.

I am also using Cakewalk software without any issues.
I don’t think it’s related to the sound card.

I have the same problem, how could you solve it, I would appreciate it very much if you could help me :slight_smile:

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