Failed to load state

I received the following message when trying to open one of the sessions:
Session “nameofthesession” did not load successfully: Failed to load state.
Nothing changed there. I was working on it, it crashed once, and everytime I try to open it again, I receive that message and Ardour don’t let me open it.
Other Sessions are working fine.
Is there something I should do about it?

Which version or Ardour is that? on which OS?

Could be anything… Can you run ardour from a terminal window (there might be more info printed there)? Does it open the session in “Safe-mode: disable plugins” ?
Otherwise I suggest to open a ticket on and attach the nameofthesession.ardour session file.

I’m using Ardour 5.4.0, running on Ubuntu.

I’m new to this and don’t know how to open it from the terminal. It doesn’t give the option to open the session at all. I only receive that message I showed…

I’ll open the ticket. Thought it could be a common error.

Thanks for your attention!

In that case it may be a known bug in 5.4 if that sessions includes with files external to the session (fixed in 5.5).

I’m getting the same message on one of my files as well