Failed to load state - OS X

My session quit and I cannot reload it anymore. It says “/Volumes… (snapshot…)” did not load succesfully." “Failed to load state”. Can you help me??? It’s urgent.

Can you create new sessions, and it’s just re-loading the old one that fails?

Perhaps it’s a lot easier to debug this interactively. Menu > Help > Chat, or directly:

Are you using an external disk or usb-stick? Is that an Apple formatted disk, or a Windows one? Perhaps there’s only some file-name mismatch in the “Recent Session” list? Perhaps try to use “other sessions” and manually navigate to the session-folder.

otherwise “Failed to load state” is pretty bad :frowning:

Yes I use an external hard disk for mac.
Nothing apears on “Recent Session” list nor through “other sessions”…

It’s very strange: I see the session with everything inside on my hard disk, even on my desktop where I saved the file. But when I open Ardour, there is nothing about this session. What can I do?