Faderport v2 on windows 10

Hello folks,

I was wondering if anyone has been successful in setting up a newer [faderport v2]?(https://www.presonus.com/products/FaderPort)

I was able to get some functions to work using the MCU(Logic) operation mode, but am unable to use all the buttons. I made need to just dig in with the function keys a bit more, but thought Iwould ask around here first.

Also does anyone know if there are plans for internal support for the new version as there is for the original faderport?

Thanks and any insights are appreciated.


I didn’t realize the two were that different. Have you tried using the Control Surface profile for the faderport 8? Before I moved to Mixbus I could kinda use my Faderport 16 with the profile for the 8. As long as I didn’t touch faders 9-16 it worked great hahaha.
But its worth a try. Otherwise, you’ll have to build yourself a profile using it as a generic mackie device.

Yes, and it is already complete. Ardour 6 will have full support for the 2nd generation Faderport model.

You could try out a https://nightly.ardour.org/ build, but keep in mind that those are currently for testing only.
For the latest released version, @drsaamah 's suggestion is likely best.

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That is great news! Thanks for the reply. I am glad to be supporting you folks and look forward to the new release!