Faderport on Ardour 7.2 - Windows 10 ... how?

hello and happy new year,

I hope you can help me. I would like to familiarize myself with Ardor in the future. The project has fascinated me for years.

Since it is important to me to work with a controller, I bought a fader port (classic). But I can’t get it to run under Ardor. Under “Controller” I selected the Faderport and at selected:

incoming midi on → Faderport

outgoing midi on → Faderport

But nothing happened. Not even after restarting Ardor or the computer. I also tried to try midi ports configuration midi in and out as a test. No success.

Under REAPER, the controller works immediately and flawlessly.

Can you help me? What can be the reason? And another question if the controller would work, is there visual feedback from the LED or lighting in Ardour (thats a must have for me)

I use Ardour 7.2 on Windows 10. Faderport (Classic - the first one) or is asystem change to Linux helpful?

Thanks a lot


I got the fader port to work now. Strangely after I tested it again in Reaper.

What doesn’t work is the visual feedback (the LED lighting) of some buttons. Rec, Mute, Solo and Read, Write, Off the LED will not light on Play, Stop etc (all works fine in REAPER DAW). Apparently on / off but no trigger?
do you have one right? Does the fader port need an update? I saw that the version 1.01 was installed.

Thanks a lot !

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