Fade In Fade Out

Well being new to Ubuntu and Ardour I just don’t get it. I guess Linux and intuitive doesn’t go together. How in the heck do you fade a track in and fade it out? Sorry for the stupity.

Bob in Baton Rouge


I would say that this has nothing to do with Linux. Fading in and out a track functions like in a lot of other DAWs:

Fade in close to the beginning of a region, let’s say to a view with about one second in your window. Point with the object tool at the region. Now, a little dot appears at the upper right corner of the region. Click the dot a drag it a bit to the right. You may have to right-click the dot and activate it. Voila!

I’ve seen this in some other DAWs, e.g. Steinberg’s Nuendo.


p.s. I refered to “regions”, that’s probably what you meant with “tracks”. Consult the manual if you want to know more about that.