EZ Drummer for Linux?

Is there any Plug-in for Linux which is like EZ or Superior Drummer?

The drumming options I know about on linux are:

  • load SFZ or SF2 drum samples and program via midi
  • drmr.lv2 which loads hydrogen drumkits
  • drumgizmo.lv2 which loads its own drumkits
  • run hydrogen standalone and route midi from Ardour, audio from hydrogen to Ardour, or program drums in hydrogen and use Ardour as jack master to start/stop hydrogen.
  • run EZ or Superior Drummer Windows VST using carla.lv2 or other VST host (never tried, may or may not work)

Agree with Edward

Most similar method is Drumgizmo. You wouldn´t change individual sounds but the workaround is similar… load the samples (there are actually 3 kits: from 1GB to 3GB each one - RAM matters) and you have to route the 16channels of the plugin.

To use EZ or SD you have to install it on Windows or Virtualbox+Windows and use the dll with some VST Host