Eye candy possible?

I have used Mixbus for a while but now I’m back to Ardour. Really the only thing I truly miss is the fader handle in the mixer. I have some eye issues and the faders in Ardour a bit harder to see for me than those in Mixbus. Where in the sourcecode would be the point to start to fiddle around to try to change appearances? I’m not afraid of compile errors ;).

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If you’re talking about changing to a design that uses “fader caps”, that would be a significant coding undertaking. You could start by looking at the Mixbus source code and comparing.

If you’re talking about changing the colors, that’s much simpler: you can browse the color theme dialog and experiment to find the colors you want (the names are normally fairly indicative).

We are not going to use fader caps in Ardour - we believe the continuous belt design to better ergonomically (it gives a much larger mouseable area, for a start).

the mouse-able area is the same in both cases. But the ardour design gives a stronger indication that you can click ‘anywhere’. (Harrison used a similar design for our digital consoles, for that reason)

But Mixbus is intended to look&feel like an analog console, so it makes sense to use fader caps there.

Whereas Ardour has many many design elements (panner, send sliders, plugin sliders, etc) that benefit from the consistency of using the ‘belt’ sliders in my opinion.



Haha, in the good old days of Ardour 2 you could substitute a fader handle image for the ‘fader belts’ which I routinely did but that ship sailed long ago…

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I’m looking for fader caps, not colors.

“Significant coding undertaking” is what I expect ;). But where IS the Mixbus code and maybe there is a hint at least in which subdirectory I could start comparing? I already searched for “fader” or “strip”, but I was not able to find anything related to the appearance.
The continous belt design is better as long as your sight is normal…I am having problems reading the current position, which is not the case in Mixbus (but there are many other things that I don’t like so using Mixbus is no longer an option for me).