Exuberance - sample/mashup/triphop/whatever


Just finished my first song ever in Ardour! And my first song ever using samples… only been doing some MIDI sequencing with LMMS before.

Have a listen at SoundCloud:

How do you like it? :slight_smile:


I really enjoy this track! I’m totally into Rock/Punk/Metal so I cannot comment on the quality and if it’s triphop or not :wink: But I like it, especially the more experimental sounds but also the overall composition and the decend mix :slight_smile:

Keep at it!


Thanks! :slight_smile: I don’t know what genre it is either and I hate putting genres on music, but of all the music styles I use to listen to I think it reminds me of triphop the most, as I know it. If someone have a better suggestion, please let me know!

Nice track! This is so fun and made out of only samples. Did you sequence everything in hydrogen and then just record it? Good job on this.

Thanks! No I used Hydrogen for some extra drums and cymbals only. I used Audacity for pre-cutting and exporting the original songs from MP3 to WAV, then used Ardour for beatmatching, cutting up the notes and rearranged it to something that sounds good. Some notes are pitched as well.

Stay tuned 'cause another one is soon to be released. :slight_smile: