Extremely noisy LADSPA plugins when exporting

Hi all, I don’t know who else has this problem, but running plugins while working with music has no issues, I can eq each track, add reverbs etc, but once I export the file ardour does a huge clicking noise after the export and the exported file is just empty. Any tips or ideas?

I’m running ubuntu 8.04 LTS
Soundblaser audigy
32 bits

This didn’t happen before when I was in Edgy.


Forgot to mention that if I disable the plugins and then export the file, everything sound fine and no clicks.


Which Ladspa Plugins are you using? The LADSPA ones in the Ubuntu(Studio)repos have not been updated in some time, in my experience I find some of them to be as flaky as the VST ones, Since Ardour and Jack are being continually updated and the plugins aren’t, I believe this is the cause of some of the instability.

This may not be the cause of your issues but this was my experience. I upgraded one of my machines to test to Ubuntu 8.04 from Ubuntu 7.10. Both machines were running Ardour 2.4.1 with VST and FREESOUND enabled, I had compiled Qjackctl and Qsynth both to their most recent versions (0.3.2) and had a stable set of VST Plug-Ins running. I was also using the respective -rt kernels on both systems. The only main difference other than kernels was The 8.04 install was running 0.109.2 version of JACK and the 7.10 System was running 0.103 version of JACK. The point of all this is I had many random lockups, general weird performance and xrun issues with the 8.10 setup, I know Paul Davis is also the developer of JACK so he may have some guidance in this. In my personal experience Ubuntu 7.10 with it’s realtime kernel and the older version of JACK is FAR more reliable for dedicated Audio work than 8.04. I would also add that 8.04 also had far more problems with using VST plug-ins due to not being able to use an earlier version of Wine (0.9.49). Also WineASIO 0.7.4 was very unstable in the newer system, and bulletproof in the 7.10 setup. After 2 days I reverted my test system back to 7.10. I learned my lesson, the latest distros and versions of applications are no match for a mix’n match system with apps handpicked for stability. I think Ubuntu 8.04 is a phenomenal Distro, but I don’t think it is ready for prime time as an Audio Workstation (yet). Certainly it is no better than 7.10. I also updated my 7.10 machine to JACK 0.109.2 and found it destabilized my VST and WineASIO setups considerably plus QSynth no longer worked, I reverted back to 0.103. This is what I’ve found in Gutsy vs. Hardy I can’t speak for Edgy.

Yeah maybe you are right, 8.04 is still really buggy, I guess I’ll just have to wait then till it get’s a little stronger. I can’t fall back to 7.10 just reconfiguring everything is too much of a hassle, I’ll just avoid LADSPA plugins I kind of like some of the C* ones and don’t have any issues with those.


Well I fixed it by removing the repo’s LADSPA by Steve Harris (swh-plugins) and left the others, then I downloaded version 0.4.13 latest stable from Debian etch and they run smoothly, the one with Hardy is 0.4.15 and are the faulty ones, in case that helps anyone. I already submitted a bug track at ubuntu about this.

aha, something I should look into as well! I have compiled 0.4.15, thinking that it would solve some annoying clicks I get randomly … will post back …

… are you sure you’re talking about 0.4.13 ? Etch seems to provide 0.4.14 and I can see why, there are issues with 0.4.13 and more recent versions of gcc. SO I cannot even compile it. I tried 0.4.14 and it still gives annoying crap noises …

Yes, I am using swh-plugins_0.4.13-1_i386.deb downloaded from http://packages.qa.debian.org/s/swh-plugins.html provided from http://plugin.org.uk/download.php

They also have swh-plugins_0.4.14-1.1_i386.deb marked as stable, we can try those also I just downloaded the old stabe to figure out if it was the plugins that were giving me this issue, when I found those that did work I just decided to leave them, but we can try with latst stable.

Well I just tested swh-plugins_0.4.14-1.1_i386.deb and same issue, especially if I put on a track a multiband eq by Steve Harris when exporting the file that’s when I get the really noisy exported file.
So I’ll just stick to swh-plugins_0.4.13-1

my mistake. Just tried the sarge version but still get some weird noises at times so it is not the root-cause of my problems. I have a suspicion it is the TAP plugins … let’s see …

YES! I have a TAP Scaling in one of the busses and if I deactivate it, the crap noises are completely gone :slight_smile:

actually, no. The TAP is not the source of the problem, it’s the CAPS plugins. I have narrowed it down to the CAPS EQ 10 bands. I also see a noise spike with the CAPS Plate Reverb but much less pronounced. So something is screwy with that suite of plugins.

Well it’s strange because I get it with the swh-plugins (Steve Harris) and the culprit seems to be the multiband eq.

Do you get the noise during playback inside ardour or when exporting and/or listening to the exported file?


I get noises during playback but in only two ways :

  • when I start the transport, then I hear a more or less loud pop, amplified by the various plugins that are already activated
  • or worse, in random locations, usually only one in a session, but again, due to plugins being active.

There’s another thread where someone is complaining that he’s getting a loud pop at exactly 5mn. It could be due to some marker or range marker located at 5mn (end marker is by default there). In my case, there’s no such thing. It seems totally random and not related toi any range or loop or markers of any kind. When I reaarange tracks, remove some plugins or do something that changes the internal routing significantly, the noise disappears.

Let me tell you, it is a real pain in the but. In my actual session, I simply removed ALL plugins, leaving tracks and busses bare. It allows me to use punch ranges, which is really neat, and decrease CPU usage. Once my song is finished in its structure, I will fiddle around with plugins and mixing tweaks. In a way, it is a more sound method for producing a song … :slight_smile: