external sequencer sync to ardour

I try to synchronize my akai mpc 2000 with ardour, just for the start/stop of a recording. I use an akai mpc2000 as a sequencer, and i trigger some softwaresampler with it- possible is: mtc, mmc, smpte, both directions- in/ out. so far so good, but i just don’t get any reaction, wether i try to run ardour as a master or as a slave or the sequencer, the midi-connection must be allright, and i think i tried every possible combination of settings… does anyone know how i can do it??

Thanks a lot, it’s working now

Did you route the MIDI from your OS to Ardour? How to do this depends on the OS, on Linux you would use ALSA-sequencer or Jack MIDI depending on your setup. On OS X you should use Pete Yandell’s MIDI Patchbay.