external Midi Clock support broken


I’m new to Ardour and installed the latest version 4.7.13.

I tried hard to get the MIDI clock support up and running - and failed.

The Midi follower window shows me received “Midi clock in” messages but there get’s nothing synced as expected. The transports’BPM stays untouched.

Could someone confirm?

As an idea to do this with the Jack linked transport and sync from there, the is also no success.

The only reason for trying Ardour was the capability of syncing with MIDI Clock; maybe I misinterpreted it.

I come from Logic Pro X and Apple removed the Midi clock syncing capability years ago (since Logic 8).

It’s a pity If syncing is desired to do recording modulation effects of synths or delay hardware.

Kind regards,

My guess is that you never set Ardour to actually use MIDI Clock. It does not sync to MIDI Clock just because you connect it to a MIDI Clock source.

It will also NOT alter tempo based on incoming MIDI Clock - Ardour will interpret its existing tempo map based on the incoming MIDI clock, but does not try to derive a tempo from it (this is partly because Ardour is not locked to the rather simplistic notion of tempo you will find in several other DAWs).