external hard drives invisible to ardour

Hi all,
Does anyone know how I can get Ardour to save a session to an external drive? Ardour does not see any of my external hard drives (maybe there’s some way to get them to show, and I don’t know how)… I have three hard drives (2 firewire, 1 usb), some of which which have both mac and fat32 partitions…

When starting a new session and choosing a location to save the session, the only locations I get are: “MyUsername”, “Desktop” and “File System”. When I try using “File System”, Ardour puts the session on the root of my main system drive. When I click on “Other”, my local system hard drive is still the only one that shows up…

Thanks for any pointers!

aha, that’s where they’re hiding! I got them all to show up as they should
Thanks Seablade!

All of your external Hard Drives or removable devices are located under…


This is where your hard drives get mounted to in OS X, period. The links on the side of the finder window(Which can be disabled easily by the way) are literally just links to this location.

So long as your OS supports the hard drive(And obviously mounts the filesystem) it is not invisible to Ardour, trust me:)