Extended Track/Bus List

The information displayed in the track list within the right-hand side notebook of the editor window has been expanded to provide an at-a-glance summary of track/bus status. Because each track takes up just a single line in the list, its possible to display information (and control status) for many more tracks than many be visible in the main part of the editor window.

the track/bus list

On the left side of the track list is a set of indicators/buttons that show the following status for each track/bus:

  • record-enabled (only for tracks)
  • muted
  • soloed
  • solo isolated
  • solo safe

Each of the indicators/buttons can be clicked on to toggle status just like the normal buttons in the track header or mixer strip for that track.

They are followed by the track name (editable) and a final checkbutton to toggle visibility of the track in the main part of the editor window.

One other feature worth mentioning: ctrl-click on the track name will scroll the editor track display to bring it into view. This can make work working with large sessions much easier - no need to scroll up and down looking for a given track.