Extended Region List

The Region List in the right hand side tabbed notebook of the editor window has been expanded in Ardour 3.0 to contain a lot more information about each region.

the region list

You will note that there are lot of displays of various kinds of time in the expanded region list. The type of time display used here, as elsewhere in Ardour, follows the display mode of the secondary clock. Switch that to "Samples" and all time displays in the region list will switch to the same mode.

File information

As in Ardour 2.X, each audio or MIDI file used in the session is represented as a top level entry in the region list, and shown in here blue (with an expander arrow). The region list isn't there to show much information about whole files, so the only detail that is shown is the file length.

Region information

Clicking on a file-level expander arrow will expand the list to display all regions that reference that file. Each row contains a lot of information about the region:

  • Region name (number of channels in []'s)
  • Start of the region in its referenced file(s)
  • Position of the start of the region on the timeline
  • Position of the end of the region on the timeline
  • Length of the region
  • Relative position of the region sync point (often just "Start")
  • Length of region fade in
  • Length of region fade out
  • Checkboxes to indicate whether the region is Locked, Glued to BBT time, Muted, and Opaque <./ul>

    One very important note: it is entirely possible for regions to exist in multiple instances in the session. The interpretation of the displayed information becomes a bit more tricky if this is the case. For the L/G/M/O checkboxes, these will only indicate "on" for each property if all instances of the region have the property enabled.

is there a button along the frame-pane that lets the user quickly expand/collapse the frame?