Express card slot - RME Multiface

I am sorry that this is not directly Ardour related but RME users who are using RME cards will definatly use Ardour since it is the best solution ever.

I am proud of my new Notebook with an expresscard slot but before investing over 300 Euro for such a card i would like to ask:
Does the RME Multiface II with an expresscard even work under Linux like the PCMCIA version?

thanks you

We believe that it works. There is no reason to believe that a PCI Express card looks any different to the Linux kernel or a device driver than a PCI or PCMCIA card. However, as usual RME has not bothered to provide us with any information ahead of time, since they seem to believe that their Linux market is too small to be worth any effort to even tell ALSA developers about their new devices. I have not yet seen a report one way or another on the express card working.

Thanks for this information. I will then try to get such a card for testing and i will inform you about the results.