exporting with plugins HELP!

im having trouble exporting my tracks after i apply plugins, it will export but it shows up with no audio on the wav file. it seems to export fine without any. what should i do?

Can you be more specific what you mean by “apply plugins”? Do you mean you have added plugins on a track, or have you “freezed” the track?

Do you hear the plugins working normally when you just playback the session?

Are you absolutely sure you have the right outputs selected for exporting in the export dialog?

Also, which version of Ardour are you using?

well nothing was actually wrong. it just so happens that some plugins wont export at all. we were using the TAP equalizer and it wouldnt export. but we changed it to a different one and it works just fine. sorry.

Can you try the Adoure’s higer version .I think it will fullfill your needs.It will shows wav file. you get a output.

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