Exporting Troubles

Well, I’ve been having a great time using Ardour to record music and it works like a lucky charm, but I am running into a similar problem as the one I had last time- Instead of importing though, it’s exporting. I’m running Ardour 2.8, and when I export, I choose a WAV format. The problem is, after I retrieve this file and play it back on Amarock or if I send it to other computers the file is black, just the length of the WAV. file in silence.
How can I fix this?

You’ve probably forgot to tick which channels to export in the export dialog, normally “master: out1” = left and “master: out2” = right .

I really think the tickboxes could be a bit brighter to make it a little more obvious.

In addition to what Peder said, make sure you’re selecting 16-bit, 44.1kHz sample rate too. I’ve had issue with playback/encoding using other sample rates in Linux.

Example: If you export as 24-bit, 48.0kHz, you can’t convert to MP3 using K3B due to WAV format incompatibilities. I’ve found it just best to export using a 16, 44.1 to ensure it plays in most “media” based linux apps.

ciao Hippie,

The problem here is K3B. I have a bunch of files at 24bit/96kHz and most apps play them well. When I convert them to mp3 with lame, I use this setting: lame -h -b 320 file.wav file.mp3

I never to tried to burn a CD from this kind of file though. But I would say the 16bit part is as important as the sample rate. I think you can convert 24bit files to 16bit with … was it sox ? I don’t really remember now.

Is there a way to set this up as a default? It still trips me up - I can’t think when I don’t want to export “master: out1” = left and “master: out2” = right - probably 1 time in 200 ?

the export dialog in 3.0 has been totally redesigned. we will not be altering the 2.X behaviour.

Does the Export filename dialog update now to the new session if a new one has been opened without closing/reopening Ardour ? Default behavior now keeps the file name and path from the previous session, making it rather easy to overwrite previous work. I know that the preferred method is to completely close Ardour and reopen for a new session, but the current behavior should probably get fixed. IIRC this occurs in 2,8 and 3.0.