Exporting tracks to CD

How do I export tracks to cd, I’ve been looking around everywhere even the manual and I just don’t get it if anyone has a good understanding of how this works please share your ideas I just need to mix down all my tracks to stereo, thank you all.


I just followed the manual


Anything there not working for you?

You can use sthg like Brasero to do the actual burn.

OK I exported the tracks and I found the file but when I playback the file their is no sound, please bare with I’m really new at this thank you


Ah ok. That happened to me, too.

You need to make sure the tracks are there when you record. You should have a tick box for the left & right channels and I remember the first time I did it, they were blank. When you get the export dialogue, to the right of the format stuff, do you see the tick boxes under

Output |Left |Right ?

That was it thank you for your help =D