Exporting to Audio Files

Hi, I have tried exporting to three formats (FLAC, WAV and MP3). All work, but I can only do one export per session. If I want two formats, I have to export one, close the application and reopen it in order to export to the other format. I am using Ardour 6 in Linux Mint. Thanks.

What happens when you try to export a second format without closing/reopening?

Nothing, the dialogue box freezes, though closes OK. I have been playing with it this morning and found that if I use Jack, it all works fine, but I cannot find a way of then playing the the sound I am editing through my headphones, or to change the volume. I guess that’s another problem! Thanks for the reply.

I think I have sorted this but not sure how! I installed a pulse audio plugin for Jack and can now use pulseaudio and exporting works and I can use my headphones, thanks.

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