Exporting Stems


Can anyone tell me how to export stems? When I do Session->Export->Stem Export I get an error at the bottom of the panel saying “Error: no channels have been selected!” - the Channels tab is empty. How do I select channels - and what exactly is a channel as opposed to track/bus/region (it’s not in the glossary - http://brunoruviaro.github.io/ardour4-tutorial/page8/ )?

Ta for any ideas!


Hi Caesura, there are checkboxes for each channel on the left, and above a box with “check all channels” you have to click at. afaik channels are are the regular audio and midi channels. so it would be the same as a track .

Hi Calimerox,

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I cannot see any checkboxes on the left (of the channel tab?), as it is empty. Are there other channel select boxes in the main edit window or mixer window or any other window? I can select channels in the main Session->Export->Export to Audio File(s), but it would be nice to have all tracks/channels exported to an audio file each all in one go, rather than export each track individually, which will take some time …

I’m using Ardour 5.11.0 Intel 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 Linux


ah true there is no checkbox for selecting all channels,

this would be how to do it:

export -> stem export --> click channels tab --> click select all channels tab

and there is a checkbox if you want to apply track / bus processing…

Hello Calimerox -thanks for that. I just noticed that I can stem export Audio tracks but not pure MIDI ones, so that was my problem. Would there ever be a way to export MIDI tracks as audio - apart from soloing each one in turn and bouncing? An export to a .mid file might be nice too, one day. I’ll see what 5.12 has to offer …

afaik exporting midi tracks as stems is not possible. you could route the midi tracks to an audio bus and then export. but i havent tried that yet…